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At 3B Elevated Hunting Blinds, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. Every unit is meticulously hand crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure our customers are getting the best possible product that we can offer. 


All of our elevated hunting blinds are designed to be easily transported and assembled in the field. Before leaving our shop in Central PA, each unit is completely assembled and given a thorough inspection. After inspection is completed, the unit is disassembled and prepared for transport to the customers location.


Once your unit arrives on site, installation is easily completed over the course of two days:

  • Day 1: Concrete prep, pouring, and cure time

  • Day 2: Shoot house installation


Complete unit cost (includes all materials, fasteners, and hardware from the ground up):

  • 5' octagon, 8' high with ladder steps: $7,895

  • 6' octagon, 8' high with ladder steps: $8,895

  • 7' octagon, 8' high with ladder steps: $9,895

Whether you choose to have us provide on site installation or you opt to install yourself, we provide our expertise at any required level to help you get your custom blind ready for the season.

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