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The 3B • Elevated Hunting Blind evolved from a simple need…   Construct a high-end, exemplary in function, elevated hunting blind for an avid hunting enthusiast.  Sparing no expense, simply provide an exceptional hunting experience for a man who has gone afield for over 67 years.  That man is my father.


The bar has been raised.  No other elevated blind compares to the quality in craftsmanship and function offered in this one of a kind hunting blind.  Built on a octagon platform spanning seven feet, the excitement and expression on my father’s face the day my children and I presented this to him was Priceless.


The 7' octagon was constructed and fully assembled in October of 2016. The objective was clearly defined from the onset; build an elevated "shoot house" that would raise the bar in quality and function. No expense was spared for a man, who through the years, has mentored so many others in the sport of shooting & hunting.


Maticulously hand crafted with the highest quality material in each and every detail, the 3B • Elevated Hunting Blind was born following the 2016-17 hunting season. Both a 5' and 6' octagon evolved from dads original 7' octagon.


Following the 2016/2017 hunting season, interest at the local level inspired the design and construction of a smaller five feet Octagon; large enough to accommodate 2 hunters.  The goal remained uncompromised: Construct the highest quality hunting blind, both in hunting function and design, for the most discriminating hunter.  Meticulously handcrafted with the highest quality material in each and every detail, the 3B • Elevated Hunting Blind was born.


For those demanding the finest in quality and craftsmanship, I am excited to offer custom designed and built elevated hunting blinds.  The goal is as simple as the idea that set the 3B • Blind into motion…  Provide an exemplary product for the most discriminating hunter with expectations to experience the best in class elevated hunting blind.

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